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How is it ruining the country to "grow the economy from the Middle Class out" and to make sure "everyone has a fair shot"? After all, Mr. Obama assured everyone just before the Super Bowl that he never said he wanted to "fundamentally transform" America. "If you like your Middle Class status, you can keep it. Period".
O'Reilly should a asked if President Obama has completed his NCAA brackets, or if he likes Green peppers more than Red peppers, or if he thinks "bridge gate" is a problem for Christie in 2016? Those are the really, truly controversial issues of the day.(sarcasm intended).
Didn't Jane Fonda apologized for what she did during the Vietnam war?
Don't worrying, Democrats. You can always plant questions in news conferences and interviews to get some nut ball candidate to affirm that the world was create 6,000 years ago or that women have a way of shutting down their reproductive system when they are raped. Of course neither of those issues have anything to do with taxes and spending, both of which are out of control, but never mind Dems have to win somehow and then claim they have a mandate.
Step one for all journalists is to stop forever from referring to the budget as just $1.1 trillion. Pols want us to ignore the spending the pols claim they can't control: The other 2.5-3.0 trillion mandatory spending on entitlements that makes up the annual spending spree of $3.5-$3.7 trillion dollars.And sadly, at the end of every fiscal year every government department is still awash in cash that they proceed to spend on office supplies and equipment rather than returning it to the treasury.
I thought only masturbation made people go blind?
But.. But.. But... John McCain was "severely conservative" when running for reelection just a year or so ago, wasn't he? How can this be?
Obamacare is the Holy Grail to Progressives. Perhaps history will note that at a time when America most needed them, Progressives selfishly pushed though a monstrosity of a law just because they had the votes to do it.
excellent post. And when politicians such as Howard Dean Says the mandate should be repealed because it is hurting democrats, repeal of the mandate is about 5 months away.
It's interesting to hear liberals indict Christie of involvement in the bridge lane closings, without any evidence at all, and continue to blow off Mr. Obama's involvement in the IRS targeting.
Sure, I like single payer as long as I don't have to pay for it..
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