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Funny, that's what TH predicts.
And I don't have to resort to name calling because ALL THE POLLS say Mitt will be looking for new jobs to ship to China tomorrow. But that's OK, I'll feel a little sorry for you guys after being lied to for so long. But your party nominated this Flom Flam Flip Flopper.
LuckyHighcock Wrote: 14 minutes ago (3:23 PM) Explains why Nate Silverbaum is wrong. Then splain RCP. And TH's own presidrntial poll at the top of the page. They say Obama gets 281 EV's and you can't call this site LIBERAL.
Are you afraid? The Big Bad LIBERALS are coming! Cower in fear!!!
A spoonful of sugar helps the Mitticine go down. There aren't ANY polls that show Romney winning the EV. PA, and WI, and MI are all going Obama. And who can blame them. Even Nevada is going Obama. It will be a long night, with Ryan becoming a two time loser, and Bachman being rejected.
Already did. Maybe if you rolled out a little earlier, you'd know that RCP has basically given the EC to Obama. But I don't want you getting all depressed, you need to have a reason to go on.
We are just that DEVIOUS! Yes, my other screen name is Smitty41inPB. All this time you thought I was a CONservative. That's how it's done. So, in reality, there are only four or five Romney supporters here. Lots of smoke, a little fire.
Because it's over for Romney.
I work for myself. You should try it.
When Romney wins? That's just not happening, unless, like most CONSERVATIVES, you consider FAILURE a SUCCESS.
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