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Poll: Americans Narrowly Trust Democrats on the Budget...But Widely Prefer GOP Proposals

drrod Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 2:13 PM
I wish at times the Grand Old Party would simply be called the Conservative Party. Just hearing the word "Republican" appears to bother a lot of the electorate. This needs to change. Standing up for conservative ideals seems to me to be the answer. We are not Democrat light-we are the conservative party. Each time a proposal comes out from our "leaders" it is framed as out of touch, or radical by the main stream press. How did this happen? We need more than rebranding-we need new leadership that understands the conservative mentality and openly supports us.

Such is the state of the Republican Party's wheezing brand: Even when voters support their ideas by large margins, they still think they side with Democrats.  Via The Hill:

More voters trust the Democratic Party than the Republican Party on budgetary issues, according to the results of a new poll for The Hill — even though a strong majority actually prefer Republican fiscal policies. Respondents in The Hill Poll were asked to choose which of two approaches they would prefer on the budget, but the question’s phrasing included no cues as to which party advocated...