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Here comes gay marriage to the Old Dominion. Without defense the gay marriage ban will fall. Will other southern states be next. Who knows how this will turn out.
I pray that Christi didn't know about what his staff did as far as lane closures on the bridge. If it turns out he did know, he is certainly toast and will go to prison. I take him at his word so far.
I read the indictment. It was very specific and included not just "the loan" but many other things as well. My point was that these b*stards get into office and take what they want. I just makes me sick. I do agree the left does get away with a lot!
Any politician that abuses his power or takes bribes deserves what he gets. I am so sick of people who get in power and think the law doesn't apply to them; both Republican and Democrat. When they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar they say: "I put it back" or in the governors words: " I paid it back". Too late governor, you shouldn't have taken it in the first place.
I think we dodged a bullet when this scandal came out. The party elites in the GOP were serving him up to us just like they did Romney regardless of what we the party want. A true conservative is what we need in 2016.
It would be nice to have seen a few positive stories about MLK today. This would seem to alleviate liberal posters from claiming racism by omission. Sarah Palin's comments today will surely cause outrage from the left for sure. I think terms like "ghetto black", etc should not be part of our discussion as posted by some bloggers. It will hurt us in the long term. We need to promote sound conservative values without being labeled as the "white party" by the left. We can do it but we must more sensitive in our postings. Just an observation.
This story has spread like wildfire all over the internet since this morning thanks to the main stream press. We do indeed need to wait and see what the truth is, however. I think Christie is finished as far as being our anointed candidate for 2016. We need solid conservatives instead of being fed the same old candidates by our party leadership that have failed us so miserably. JMHO.
Good news for a change. I am worried about demographics in the longterm, however. I was reading on a conservative sight earlier tonight and found some interesting things. Between 2008 and 2012 elections, 10 million Americans died. More statistically were republicans. During that same period 18.5 million young people attained the age of 18 and could vote and the majority of these voted for Obama. This was part of the reason Romney lost. We must convince Hispanics and young people that conservative values are their values in order to compete with this demographic. We must wake up to the reality that America is not the America we were born into. Sorry for the rambling. Just tired and depressed.
As I said earlier: The fish rots from the head down. Wait another week and see what the polls show. My bet is Christie knows a lot more about this than he is saying. He was never a true conservative. He was being force fed to us as the only one that could beat Hillary. We have to elect a true conservative this time. When will we every learn.
Christie is done, stick a fork in him. Time to move on. The drip, drip, drip, of this scandal worsens with each passing day. The fish indeed rots from the head down.
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