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Too Much Bluster, Too Late for Obama

drrisk2 Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 10:32 AM
"When I think of President, I think of somebody who loves our country, and not somebody who wants to fundamentally transform it." Obama does NOT want to transform the country. He wants to DESTROY it. And he proves it every minute of every day. Case closed.
Debates are high-pressure, high-risk events, and they often offer low rewards. A candidate's first goal is not to win the debate, but rather not to lose -- to do no harm to the campaign. A simple misstep can change the course of an election.

The first debate was a clear win for former Gov. Romney, who appeared more interested and engaged than President Obama, who appeared aloof, disinterested and arrogant. The difference in their performances -- each standing at a lectern -- enabled Romney to gain momentum in the polls.

In their second meeting, they prowled around stage,...