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Peace, it's Wonderful -- or Could Be

drrisk2 Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 7:44 PM
"Now would be the time for Israel not just to talk peace -- Jerusalem has long advocated direct negotiations without preconditions -- but to offer concessions." You are delusional. What in the world makes you think the Arabs are interested in peace? They are interested in obliterating Jews from the earth. Why would Israel commit suicide?

By the time you read these words, Gentle and Grateful Reader, peace should have broken out in that most unlikely part of the world, the Middle East. Yes, peace is always a frail plant in that arid region, but let us celebrate and tend its appearance after eight days of headlines about war and rumors of a bigger one.

The cease-fire between Israel and Gaza, aka Hamasland, may prove only tenuous, as usual, but it is all the more welcome for the difficulties involved in negotiating it through intermediaries, and despite all the bloodthirsty talk from the usual terrorists.