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And So It Goes?

drrisk2 Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 1:53 PM
This is total rubbish! 1. Tax RATE cuts always increase federal tax revenues, every time it has been done: Coolidge, Kennedy, Reaga, Clinton, Bush. You can look that up. 2. Deficits do not matter. How does having a mortgage on your house make any difference in your life, unless your income is $20,000 a year and you buy a $600,000 house? 3. Debt is not important. We are never going to pay it back, anyway. 4. Every government program creates an opportunity for buying votes. Alan Greenspan is a socialist. Nobody should read anything he ever wrote.

There used to be a saying that went: “As goes England, so goes America.”

But I can hear people who love and pray for the United States saying, “Oh, no! Please, Lord, may that never be the case.”

In England today, public Christianity is relegated to a ceremonial festivity alongside royal weddings and other royal celebrations. If you visit a church in the denomination I once belonged to—the Anglican Church (also known as the Church of England)—there’s a good chance you’ll be able to count the worshipers on one hand.

As attendance at Anglican churches has plummeted, however, the number of...