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The Rich Are Getting Poorer Under Obama

Drik Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 1:01 PM
Can't have a revolution with all of this middle class lying around. Have to move them to the proletariat first. Then, if there are any rich left, they will have a reason to revolt. In Prsbo's Amerika, there will only be the political class, the military that keeps them from being pitchforked, anf everyone else. See: 'banana republic' (def>)

Obama is shrewdly characterizing the recession in a way that breeds resentment towards the wealthy, diverting dissatisfaction away from himself. Most of his recent speeches include assertions that there are a few Americans getting rich, while everyone else is suffering. “The notion that we would ask sacrifice from folks who are already struggling in order to protect folks who have never been better -- never been better off -- that's not who we are,” he said in one recent speech. Obama knows that if he can direct Americans’ unhappiness over the economy towards “the rich,” he might win reelection.