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Putin Slams Obama's B.S.

Drik Wrote: Jun 15, 2013 7:01 AM
Chris Stevens and three other Americans were left to die rather than raise public awareness of his mission, which was to find and try to recover the 15,000 missing Stinger missiles that werre allowed to walk during the micro-managed Libyan invasion. They actually let 20,000 milssiles walk, but have thus far been able to distribute millions of dollars to Al Qaida and buy back 5000 of them. Interesting conundrum, since giving aid to declared foreign enemies of the US is a felony and treason, it would seem like entering a business deal with them would fall under that definition. They don't mind being grossly incompetent, they just don't want Americans to sit up and notice. Clue: Americans are going to notice when Al Quida hand carries a couple hundred of those 15,000 missiles up across our southern border and then picks some martyr anniversary to start shooting down American airliners. Would it need to be one a day to shut down our economy? Or could they do the same by promising one a week on a random day?
Joseph64 Wrote: Jun 15, 2013 8:30 AM
And of course the left will say that the missiles are useless without launchers and guidance systems but just ask any Israeli soldier about improvised launchers and guidance systems and they will tell you that the terrorists that they deal with on a daily basis are very clever when it comes to building launchers and guidance systems and concealing them where nobody is likely to discover them. I saw a photo once of a mobile rocket launcher disguised as a dump truck that was seized by the IDF. When the dump bed was down, you couldn't tell it from any other truck, ot even had a contractor's logos on the doors, but when the dump bed was raised, you could see the launch tubes as they cleared the cab of the truck.