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Global Warmers Get it Wrong on Arctic Ice, Haircuts

Drik Wrote: Aug 15, 2013 12:25 PM
Global warming is such a problem and likely to raise sea levels to such a dangerous level that Al Gore was able to pickup a 20 room mansion on the beach at Montecito, California for a fraction of what it would have costed were it not about to be inundated. He only had to part with $9 million for it. He'll probably use it for a year or two and then watch it float away.
willis9 Wrote: Aug 15, 2013 4:14 PM
Al gore is a racist, he has never been accused of molesting a black woman. There are thousands of black that would love to be able to sue this multi-millionaire for post traumatic stress from his groping and groaning.
Englishlass Wrote: Aug 15, 2013 2:01 PM
He bought another one down on Miami Beach too.