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Just normal adequate business practice would be a daily dump to a secure mainframe and then a weekly data dump and duplication to a different frame in a different geographic location for security. Just normal business, not a government agency where there will be liability issues and accountablilty. This is not gross incompentnce. This is a willingness to lie and obstruct justice to avoid going to jail and also to protect the adminsitration person that ordered this. This is extreme contempt of Congress's "Contempt".
Good thing no one threw a shoe.
Quid pro qua. Americans do not have to obey laws they disagree with that are unconstitutional.
Another government created bubble. Inflated value and then collapse and becomes worthless.
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The (R) Does Not Stand for Racist

Drik Wrote: Feb 08, 2014 9:28 AM
Amazing every day that MSNBC still has it's doors open.
Movie based on the flawed premise that people's lives were worth less than art. Except for that it was fine.
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Senator Tom Harkin; Once Bitten Twice Duped

Drik Wrote: Feb 08, 2014 9:23 AM
Peace in our time. Perhaps the senator forgot his Alzheimer's medicine.
There is no loss of faith in the Justice Department because everyone in America who is not half brain dead has no faith in them left to lose.
The human race divides into those that fear that others have the same dark inner desires that they themselves do and that frightens them, since they know how easily they themselves would be corrupted if they had the opportunity. The other group is those that mostly like themselves and that think well of the human race. Our founders were the latter. The former however are now running the show.
The problem here is that the English language is not specific. It uses terms that people use even though they do not truly understand what they are identifying with. For example, the term "liberal". This has been usurped by the Democratic party. Sounds good. Has a positive connotation. Sounds positive. But this gets lumped into the same category as "progressive" now. And the term "conservative" use bandied about mostly by the press, to refer to fat-cat bureaucrats and crony capitalists, A perceived negative term that most people who claim to be conservative have no affinity to. Most of the liberals do not really want a controlling fascist state regulating every aspect of our lives and stomping on people that do not adhere. And most of the folks that identify as conservative do not identify with the corrupted group of RINOs that has taken over most of the Republican party. Liberals have more in common with little "r" conservatives than they do with the progressives and little "r"s are closer to liberals than they are to the RINOs. And the Progressives and the RINOs are working very hard to prevent either group from getting with the other and from providing either with a more central American choice in politics.
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