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100 Days is a Long Time

Drik Wrote: Aug 02, 2012 12:13 PM
Even more dangerous than the coming days of the dregs of his sovereignty draggin out, might be the damage to be done by a lame-duck narcisist scorned until a new hand is at the helm.

The presidential election is about 100 days away. President Obama and Mitt Romney are roughly even in the various polls, with Obama holding slight leads in the key swing states.

A lot can happen in 100 days or thereabouts. Napoleon, for example, went from ignominious exile at Elba to triumph in Paris to utter defeat at Waterloo. South Korea was lost and then saved by Gen. Matthew Ridgway in about 100 days of winter in 1950 and early 1951. In 1948, supposedly doomed incumbent President Harry Truman went from 17 points down in the polls to a victory margin of...