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Reid on the Fiscal Cliff: "We're Not Going to Do Anything"

Drifter33 Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 8:21 AM
That's "the pride" of Nevada, Harry Reid--the leader of the most useless entity in all the federal government. The ACTUAL "do-nothing" leader of the real "do-nothing" party. Americans, your government is broke because of this man, specifically. Reid is far beyond worthless; he is a conniving, scheming weasel. (Of course, the mainstream media will continue to tag republicans with the "do-nothing" label, and the millions of ignorant lemmings in the democrat party will lap it up like hungry kittens at a milk bowl.) One more observation: changing the US Constitution to allow for the popular election of US senators was obviously a terrible idea.
gmann2012 Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 8:36 AM
Why are you being so kind to this POS in an expensive suit?? he's lying piece of scum. His tactics, his actions and even his manner deserves to be outed for what it is...and can you see the MSM ever doing their job?? They are complicit in this liar's NON-PERFORMANCE!!!

Raise your hand if you're the least bit surprised.  Harry Reid's Senate has perfected the art of doing nothing; from not passing budgets to not taking up President Obama's various proposals.  They also do quite a bit of not debating or voting on legislation -- due to a record number of Republican filibusters, triggered by Reid's historic abuse of shutting down the amendment process.  So with America on the precipice of devastating across-the-board tax...