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Impeach Eric Holder Now

Drifter33 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 7:41 AM
Mr. Holder has NEVER had the best interests of Americans in mind. He is an ardent leftist; an extremist in every sense of the word. Holder is Obama's fellow traveler; immersed in the desire to transform America into something it was not designed to be. Holder should be impeached immediately. Too bad the weak Congress will not do so.
"Liberal" means "totalitarian" in today's reality.
" attack the group that disagrees with you." - - - - Off the mark, leftist. We attack the people who attack our founding documents; who would impinge the freedoms of others. We do not seek to silence debate. We do not prevent others from exercising their liberties until that process affects others unlawfully. We conservatives are governed by our founding documents, which is something you leftists can't and won't abide. Your ilk is in the business of squelching our rights and trampling our Constitution. This article is spot-on. That you don't like it makes no difference whatsoever.
Hey, leftist. We don't have "RULERS" in the United States of America. In this country, the government operates at the consent of We, the People. Your entire premise is flawed. "RULERS" did not "GIVE" us our rights--our rights are unalienable--they are not granted by any man to any other man. Perhaps you ought to reread our founding documents, or have someone else explain them to you since it appears you are unable to comprehend them.
This article sums up rather nicely why I believe today's so-called 'liberals' are anything but liberal. They are totalitarian despots, bent on bringing society to heel.
'reasonableness'. What is the Cadaver-of-State babbling about? This is HAMAS. They are not 'reasonable', and never will be until their dead are stacked around them so high they can't move.
So, our pretend president is sending the Cadaver-of-State over to the Middle East, eh? Will they even notice when he arrives? Will they resist the sudden urge to nap if he happens to start talking?
Cruz will be great--once he has gained executive experience.
Who let the Cadaver of State out of the Morgue?
And it's entirely possible that this entire mess was ORCHESTRATED by Obama & his minions, a la 'Fast & Furious'.
Another empty-headed, so-called 'intellectual' masquerading as a person of substance. This Warren woman is tedious and useless. "Nothing to see here; move along."
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