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Perhaps we have in Scott Walker the same sort of man we admired in Ronald Reagan: a man IMPERVIOUS to left-wing smear tactics--a man who can take it and and dish it out, a man who can win ON HIS TERMS while grinning.
Walker displays moral courage and I support him.
Leftists will ALWAYS tell you who they fear the most. It's Scott Walker. They're going to attack him and attack him some more--oblivious to the FACT that he has already taken the brunt of their BS and defeated them. TWICE.
Yes, they 'fixed' it by stopping the press from reporting on it.
Reagan used to do that--refuse to play the leftists' game of "Gotcha!" "Well," said Reagan (usually to Sam Donaldson), "There you go again..."
The Obama White House is causing irreparable damage to national security. (Remember, this administration practices "Projection"--you can bet they'll smear 'the other guy' for doing what they themselves are doing. With Obama, what's down is up; what's left is right; what's black is white.)
Hatch is another squishy 'moderate' republican who hasn't read the US Constitution lately. The US Government has ZERO authority to meddle in individual health insurance, no matter which political hack party brings it up.
While we're at it, we should get the IRS out of the tax business. Let's just put the IRS out of business!
Tort reform is an 'under-the-radar' issue that affects a broad spectrum of our nation's problems. We should force a massive overhaul of the tort system. But as long as the left controls the various state bar associations, there will be NO tort reform. (Let's use John Edwards as the Poster Girl for Tort Reform. Edwards, the blow-dried ambulance chaser, embodies all that is wrong with the system: he has gotten fabulously wealthy using the courts. He never produced any actual product, but made a killing off the wages of others. John Edwards and his buddies like the tort system just the way it is.)
To the elites of the democrat cult, it is ALL about amassing and holding POWER. They cynically manipulate the rank-and-file democrat cultists into believing that they 'feel their pain' (right, Bill Clinton?). Meanwhile, the rank-and-file democrat cultists crave constant support from their 'sugar daddy' government, in exchange for the vote that keep the gravy train running. And to illustrate the bizarre 'logic' of the left: the overheated leftists who once screeched, "Keep Your Laws Off My Body!" are the same overheated leftists who couldn't wait for their democrat cult sugar daddies to give them universal health care. The government now OWNS their bodies through their health care.
Lindsay Graham...Never saw a fight worth making; never had a principle worth standing for; never showed a spine--even once in his entire pathetic, hand-wringing life. Graham, change that "R" for a "D" already. You're not fooling anyone.
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