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Yes, if Katie doesn't watch out, she'll be living in the heads of MILLIONS of liberals too!
And the hard left isn't interested in FACTS--they're in tune with their FEELINGS.
A great opinion, WJF... I happen to share it. (One wonders if the Nobel committee has had any second thoughts.)
True. If ran like whatever it's called--they'd be OUT OF BUSINESS.
Where's my Obama Phone? --Can I also get an Obama Pen?
"One Size Fits None" in the new socialist utopia. Get used to it.
We could spend another several million dollars investigating and analyzing this mess called ObamaCare, and it won't matter a whit. Simply put, this pretend president of ours, B.H. Obama, couldn't possibly care less if the steaming pile of legislative excrement that bears his name works, or not. So, how is this report going to make the pretend president any more accountable for its failure? (Answer: it isn't. We have known ObamaCare was a failure from the first minute they first dreamed it up; this report won't change that. And this report also won't change the mind of even one hard-core leftist who still believes in Obama, or in this mess of a 'health care system'.)
The Union hacks who gave their full-throated support to Obama can now reap the benefits. Their actions resulted in ObamaCare. Their actions will see their wages, work hours, and benefits cut. All to support a megalomaniac narcissistic socialist who can read a TelePrompter. Let us know how that works out for you, union hacks. Hope it was worth it.
Run along, leftist.
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