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They knew this case was going nowhere from the beginning. They knew it was frivilous. They knew it was a shoddy indictment. They did it anyway. Why? Because they got what they wanted: a mug shot of Rick Perry.
Must be code for 'we have a really good head start on voter fraud in Montana'.
"Moms Against Facts & Logic". That's got a ring to it.
Time to shop at Kroger!!
BINGO!!~ Exactly.
The Left, Inc., ALWAYS tell you who they fear. That person who gets smeared FIRST is the one they're afraid of most.
Someone once said, "You could get a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwich." Getting a conviction on that indictment is an entirely different proposition altogether...ESPECIALLY when your indictment is a paper-thin farce. I look for this case to be thrown out. It would also be a good idea to fine the litigants who brought it in the first place, for wasting the court's time.
Serious question: Does anyone know the caliber of the weapon used in this shooting? I have not heard or seen any reporting on that. Given the 'shot six times' mantra that the left are browbeating us with, I'd bet it was a 9 mm pistol round.
The unchained ramblings of a highly disorganized mind. I believe the democrats have found the PERFECT candidate to support their kind!
One guesses that a Chicago home might need a LOT of 'extra security'! This pretend president has the weakest daily schedule of any executive on Earth--he rarely starts his 'office day' before 10AM, and after that his schedule is loose and filled with fluff. (That's why he ALWAYS has time for another fund-raiser.) The people do deserve better.
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