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I'd LOVE to be able to 'clarify', you Obama-defending-leftist. But I can't. Know why??? Because Obama's records have been SEALED. That's right--SEALED to prevent people from knowing what sort of student he was...or, are they sealed to hide some other unseemly trait? (My guess is "C--All of the Above".)
Apparently the vaunted War College didn't check. And now that this person is a democrat politician, where plagiarism is a resume ENHANCER, this person doesn't care.
Until then, I hope Hamas likes getting hammered--because that is what they are going to get.
Good points, every last one of them.
We haven't come all that far from those dark days of World War 2. In fact, we haven't budged an inch.
"LiberalSuperTroll's" first mistake: writing the words "I think". Clearly, such a thing is not possible.
Don't think for a minute that Hillary is a shoe-in. She will have PLENTY of competition for that nomination--there are far too many leftist megalomaniacs who each think they have the chops to take Obama's failed socialist policies all the way. Remember, she was a shoe-in in 2008, too--and look who took that contest.
It boggles the mind how this person who styles himself "George Washington" has so little in common with the person whose name he hijacked.
This was a foolish lawsuit, regardless of party. Anyone who has any legal savvy whatsoever could see that Johnson had no standing to bring the suit.
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