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53% Say the Federal Government Threatens their “Rights and Freedoms”

Drifter33 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 3:22 PM
1) But don't even THINK about asking the leftist government to "background check" the voting rolls. 2) A-O finally gets one RIGHT. 3) Don't forget drone surveillance & attacks. 4) B.S. Obama even threw out the sitting CEO in favor of his puppet. 5) B.S. again. Obama has abused his EO authority in a breathtaking manner. Nice try AO, play again another time.

The president’s second inaugural address was what Charles Krauthammer and Charles R. Kessler, respectively, called an “ode to big government” and a “[reinterpretation of] American principles.” It was, in many ways, unapologetic and decidedly to the left of any inaugural oration delivered in modern American history -- and a far cry from the Lincolnian ideal. Ironically, however, while the American public evidently endorsed the status quo (i.e., trillion dollar plus-deficits, more bureaucracy, and bigger government) by re-electing the president, more Americans than ever believe that the federal government threatens their “