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No Skin in the Game

drfredc Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 3:12 AM
The clown pols, burros and many unions are protected from the havoc they spread by their defined benefit retirement plans -- plans that are underfunded and underperforming. Seems, with taxation being all the rage, these politicians, burros, and others with bankrupt defined benefit plans should have their incomes taxed sufficiently to bring their pensions back into solvency. It's likely such a tax will be pretty hefty, given the bloated salaries and pensions that have been passed out without much worker contribution. Perhaps it might dawn on some of these clowns that if they do something to promote prosperous economic activity by eliminating nonsense regulations and taxes that their pensions might grow and their taxes might go down.
An Internet search is inconclusive as to where the phrase "no skin in the game" originated. Some ascribe it to the late columnist William Safire; others to investor Warren Buffett. Politicians often use the phrase to justify policies to their liking. It can also be applied to the latest in a long list of their outrageous behaviors, as well as to those of President Obama.

Like an increasing number of politicians, the president has never served in the military, nor has he ever run a business. He has never headed a company that needed to make a profit (and thus...