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To Democrats: How is it Healthier to be Unemployed?

DrFloyd Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 1:47 PM
Wonderful point. Remember what happened in the Soviet Union, which Lech Walesa, John Paul II, Maggie Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan, assisted by millions of brave souls behind the Iron Curtain, particularly in Solidarity, decapitated. Let us not forget the lessons the USSR taught us. In the end, when all the wealth had been destroyed, who still lived like the Tsars? Lenin, Stalin, Khruschev, et al. The same thing will happen here if we let it. Soetoro (aka Obama), Pelosi, and Reid will still live high off the hog, while telling us that they saved us from pollution and greed.

The Republican National Convention in Tampa displayed a large “debt clock” that ticked away at a rate of $10 million a minute, keeping the nation’s dire financial straits front and center. Had there been a companion counter with a chit mark for each time the word “jobs” was mentioned from the main stage, it likely would have clicked on at a similar pace.

This week, at the Democratic National Convention the word “jobs” is sure to, once again, be a popular topic.

As Vice President Biden famously said, referencing the number one issue facing the middle class,...