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Bias: WaPo's Astounding Hit Piece on Paul Ryan

DrFloyd Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 5:13 AM
Where to start? Those who hate Ryan almost invariably do so because he is ACTIVELY countering their cavalier spending, AND because he comes armed with the facts that expose how they are insanely bankrupting this country. As to the incestuous nature of the MSM with the Soetoro-Biden regime, tell me something new.

If asked, how might you describe Paul Ryan's role and level of involvement within the national conversation about Washington's budget process and the looming debt crisis?  If you were the Washington Post, you'd attempt to capture it with this surreal headline: 

"Amid Debt Crisis, Paul Ryan Sat on Sidelines"

Welcome to Bizarro World.  Of all the potential attacks on Paul Ryan "journalist" Lori Montgomery had at her disposal, she decided to run with the...