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OH, you mean like the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) that was deployed to Ruby Ridge, ID?
The Rapid Response Team only decides which way the green 'breaks'.
It took time for ValJar to come to a decision.
Your ignorance is underwhelming.
Obama dithered, hostages died!
That single statement, encapsulated in the headline, should make Ms. Lynch un-confirmable.
Politician, rope, lampost - Some Assembly Required.
Cage-Match: FDA v. EPA Gate welded shut - Everybody wins.
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Have No Gun, Will Sheriff

Drew fm Downey2 Wrote: Jan 04, 2015 1:11 PM
I'm sure Flower Power will carry the day.
I applaud their attempt to do something about Income Inequality: Just think of all the jobs they provided in the Lie Industry!
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