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GOP Puts Spotlight on Feckless Senate Democrats

Drew fm Downey Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 4:12 PM
"...The no-budget, no-pay provision is perhaps a gimmick..." That it is, since the don't forfeit any pay, it just goes into escrow until they actually do what they were supposed to do all along, and then they get their money. Not doing your job should have real consequences, not pretend ones. And those that reside Inside-the-Beltway wonder why the Great Unwashed have so little respect for our illustrious leaders.
Have the House Republicans come up with a winning strategy on the debt ceiling and spending cuts? Or just a viable one? Maybe so.

They certainly need one that is at least the latter, if not the former. Barack Obama is up in the polls since the election, as most re-elected presidents have been. The most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows him with 52 percent approval and 44 percent disapproval. Other public polls have similar results.

In contrast, the NBC/WSJ poll reports that only 26 percent have positive feelings about the Republican Party and 51 negative feelings. Toward Speaker John...