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I am sure there are some naked street lamps in front of those facilities that need to be adorned.
David, go to Texas and prosper.
Lies and Damned Lies.... or, as it is more widely known, more work for the U. S. Agency for Dis-information, aka, The White House Spokesman.
All that matters that Boys must be controlled so as to allow Girls to realize their full potential....Oh...wait...that sounds like a War On Boys, doesn't it - or as they say, K-12 education.
We could throw in Gina McCarthy and Kathleen Sibelius.
But...but...Ben... Jen and Michelle are "The Cool Kids", and everything.
Somebody finally blasted Boehner off the dime - how much C4 did that take. Well, like they say, better late than never. At least he picked the meanest dog in the pound to lead the way.
A Democrat has ethics? Who knew!
In the mid-90's as Washington cashed the Peace Dividend, I had to help a friend move a family member from DFW to San Diego - they number of U-Hauls encountered on I-10 east-bound and down was staggering. If you look at one-way rental rates going back 20-years, it costs twice as much (or more) to rent a truck from L. A. to TX than the reverse - those trucks and trailers just keep piling up in TX and they have to be dead-headed back to the Left Coast.
At one point, some decades past, CA was 6th - now it struggles to stay in the Top-10.
To those on The Left, environmentalism is conflated with conservation, and in their minds it all started when Rachel Carson "spoke truth to power" i.e., lied, in her book "Silent Spring". Before that monumental mis-truth, there were no attempts to "save the environment" beyond TR's establishment of National Parks., and the millions who have died of malaria due to the misguided banning of DDT, are just an inconvenience.
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