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Guess you've completely missed that "Incorporation" thingie that SCOTUS does on occasion, and specifically did to the 1st-A many years ago.
"There can't be a free and open discussion of ideas and viewpoints here, this is a college!" Somewhere, Orwell is smiling.
You'll have to forgive Wemple, he's suffering from FNDS [FauxNews(sic) Derangement Syndrome].
Let's see if it works for the Secret Service and FBI first.
If the media had properly covered the Gosnell trial, and shown video of his filthy facility, these people would be silent from their own shame. Why do they not want the same level of cleanliness for those seeking an abortion as they would for their dogs and cats?
It's going to take the sword of Alexander to unknot those knickers.
If lying to the American People is an impeachable offense (Nixon - 1974), then shouldn't the same standard make attorneys subject to disbarment?
I was asked to do an interview by a noted Los Angeles TV newsie once. He had on the requisite blazer with the station's crest on the pocket, an open-neck button-down shirt, and jeans & running shoes - and this was in the 70's. I doubt if it's any different today since you'll only see them from the waist up on-screen. Sometimes I wonder if the anchors at the news desk are wearing anything at all below the waist.
What else can you expect from someone who criticizes President Obama for losing the War In Iraq.....Oh...what....Obama wasn't President when Reid announced that "the war is lost"? And here I thought he had the ability to foretell the future.
No one ever claimed the Sports Media was filled with rocket-scientists, or historians. They know how to read stats, but are completely incapable of reason.
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