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Crucified? That would require the press to actually be able to get up off their knees.
This guy's credibility (and his integrity) gets shredded each and every day. If the media wasn't so far in the tank for the administration already, he'd have to pay to get people to sit in those chairs.
What I would love to see is a complete audit of the voter rolls of Florida and other destination/retirement states in the SE, with the rolls of the New England, Middle Atlantic, and Great Lakes states. Not only would you find multiple interstate voting, but intrastate also.
Hey, the deceased have Rights too.
s/Anti-Missile Defense is just a Star-Wars induced Reagan fantasy./s
Since ISIS/ISIL/IS(!) has declared itself a state, in the wake of the James Foley execution and the imprisonment of other American media, the Congress should take up a Declaration of War against The Islamic State, and PASS IT. BTW, are Declarations of War subject to Presidential Veto?
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Bernie Sanders 2016?

Drew fm Downey Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 6:06 PM
Run Bernie, Run!
A "Criminal Investigation"? That just demonstrates where, and how, we've gone wrong. Does anyone think that Israel would launch a 'criminal investigation' if ISIS had beheaded one of their journalists? No, they would do exactly as they did in Munich, give the job to Mossad, and eventually, everyone involved in the capture and beheading would be dead - which is exactly what we should do. Only problem is that our "clandestine service" is peopled by a bunch of wusses - starting at the top.
The first thing that has to be done (Step One) is to shuffle Harry Reid to a 'back bench' seat. Nothing else can be allowed to interfere with that task.
Didn't Miller, before the Primary, pledge to support whomever was the winner, come what may? This is a Win-Win for the AK GOP.
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