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The Time For Meaningful Immigration Reform Is Now

drewbueno Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 7:23 AM
With our current immigration policies, America is on a trajectory to hit 400 million people in about 30 years. 75% of our population growth already comes from immigration policy (Pew Hispanic's most recent update). People who want to increase immigration further will ensure that we more than double our population by 2100 (which would give us well over 600 million people - according to the Census Bureau). Don't be foolish enough to believe Cardenas or anyone else in the elite class, who pushes these factually errant arguments. They take helicopters to work & send their kids to private schools, and they love having all the cheap "help" w/ their childcare, lawncare, maid services & who knows what else. It's the middle class that suffers.

America has lived with a broken immigration system for at least two decades. It’s wreaked havoc in our border states and created a frustrating lawlessness that is untenable.

It's true that our country embarked on a discussion of civil rights from the late fifties through the early seventies, but for 20 years we have failed to pass any meaningful immigration reform legislation.

While there are myriad proposals floating through Washington, D.C., with regard to immigration reform, they fall into three general categories:

· Those who rant and pledge to oppose all proposals because they stand for “the rule of law.”...