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Donors Beware: Obama Posts Online 'Enemies List'

Drew139 Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 5:58 PM
treason” until a black man became president. Conservatives have no problem with deficit spending or ballooning the national debt, but only when “their guy” is in office. Obama is more conservative than Clinton, and nobody (sane) was calling Clinton a marxist. The right-wing in America came completely unglued on Nov 8th 2008 and they’ve been dominated by lunatics like Michelle Bachmann ever since. Obama isn’t/and Never WAS a Marxist! GM is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead, thanks to the leadership of Barack Obama. Don’t ask, don’t tell is done. The economy is adding hundreds of thousands of jobs every month, unlike the the last months of the Bush presidency, when we were losing 700,000 jobs a month. Is THAT a failure? No the REAL fai
algae Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 6:55 PM
"Øbama is more conservative than Clinton" really "Drewling"? In which way?

Quite a statement to make without citation.

As the campaign for the general election begins, so does the mudslinging. And if you had the audacity to donate to Romney, prepare for an onslaught of vitriol from the Obama campaign, new media-style. The most powerful man in the world is keeping a list, and it looks like he intends to frighten Republican donors to stop the money flow.

This past week, one of his campaign websites posted an item entitled "Behind the curtain: A brief history of Romney's donors." In the post, the Obama campaign named and shamed eight private citizens who had donated to...