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Are Democrats Deserting Obama?

Drew139 Wrote: May 26, 2012 5:13 PM
Yep, you just knew this b***s*** would be coming down the pipe. How convenient that you fail to parse out from these statistics the public sector jobs, which have been viciously slashed by the tens of thousands in Republican-controlled states (got to keep those tax breaks for billionaire donors intact) and the private sector job GROWTH we have seen under our President. Remember, Job One for the Republicans is to keep the President from getting re-elected. If that means destroying our economy and the Middle Class - so be it. I don't know where or why you racists think every single is an Obama-hating racist right-winger or somehow you can automatically tell the future that Obama's gonna lose? CAN you tell the future? NO! All you can do is ru
James2229 Wrote: May 29, 2012 12:12 PM
So, is Thomas Sowall or Walter Williams, or Star Parker, or Larry Elders a racist? So, is Allen West a racist? I'm beginning to believe that Colin Powell is a racist. It is pretty obvious that Spike Lee is a racist along with Eric Holder and Jeremiah Wright. How can one be a racist against a man who hales from two different races? Of course, there is supposed to be prejudice among blacks against lighter or darker versions, but we rarely hear about that sort of thing anymore. Probably because either one is a Democrat, anyway. I guess, those are mongrelists. People against people of mixed race descendance. Its getting ridiculous after all the different generations of intermarriage in the USA.
Ogrrre Wrote: May 27, 2012 3:29 PM
Drew, how can there be tax breaks for the poor? They don't pay income taxes! In fact, nearly 50% of wage earners don't pay taxes. It is such a shame that there is an epidemic of recto-cranial inversion among young leftists. If you ever pull your head out, you will read in the article, that Obama is losing voters in the DEMOCRAT primaries. Are you telling me that the party of slavery, of the ku klux klan, of jim crow, of civil rights opposition, in other words, the Democrats are racist? The second thing you might see is that the economy started its downward spiral once the Democrats got control of congress the last 2 years of W's second term.

WASHINGTON - President Obama isn't doing so good in some of his party primaries where a surprisingly large number of Democrats are giving him the thumbs down.

Little attention is being paid by the national news media to the Democrats' presidential primaries because Obama is assured of his nomination. But the large size of the anti-Obama vote -- exposing deep unrest in his party's political base -- has shaken his campaign's high command.

The latest explosions came in Tuesday's Kentucky and Arkansas primaries which of course he won easily. But a stunning 42 percent of Kentucky Democrats voted for "uncommitted" on...