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Politifact Rates Totally Accurate Romney Claim as "Half True"

DrEdu Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 7:00 PM don't know the Power of the Media. They invested in this unqualified person we have as President. THEY created the Public opinion that put him in office. They 'marketed' Obama as they would have marketed a new i-Phone: “you have to have this new thing because is is shinny and is Black!” THEY will prop this empty suit because they painted themselves into a corner. A cornered rat is dangerous. Beware of the Media. WE NEED TO GET OUT THE VOTE...DO NOT SLEEP!

Can you imagine a world without political fact checkers?  Without them, Americans might get bamboozled into thinking that totally verifiable, 100 percent accurate statements might actually be true.  Thankfully, Politifact spares us this national nightmare by needlessly complicating and casting doubt upon factually correct statements.  Behold, our professional truth tellers at work:

In a new campaign ad, Mitt Romney doesn't mince words in boasting about the Massachusetts economy when he was governor. The ad -- which combines stirring music, footage of welders and forklift drivers and images of Romney gladhandling with factory employees -- was...