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Obama Suing Florida - and Vice Versa - Over Voter Registration

DrEdu Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 6:44 AM
We should DEMAND that ONLY American Citizens eligible to vote actually vote. This Is CENTRAL to our Rights and our Society. The Obama Administration MUST step aside. I think the People of Florida should go to the Streets and voice their opposition to illegal voting.
The state of Florida recently engaged in a campaign to fight voter fraud, combing through their voter rolls to weed out illegitimately-registered voters. While they've been accused of invalidating legal voters' registrations, the effort has been having some modicum of success.

[I]n the last few days, the Division of Elections released a list of the names of 86 voters it says have been removed by local supervisors because they were non-citizens between April 11 and June 8. About half of them are listed as having voted.

That, backers of the purge effort say, proves the...

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