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Gary Johnson: Mitt Romney’s Worst Nightmare?

DrEdu Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 9:59 PM
Obama will be a ONE term President...because he is an inept. He was sold to us like a cool a cool I-Phone one must have, but 'this i-phone' turned out to be an angry and bitter community organizer, with ZERO ideas. The dude is an infantile egomaniac who refuses to take responsibility for his failed policies. What an embarrassment for the African-American community he turned out to be (African-Americans having been disproportionately hurt by Obamas' failed idiocies). A veritable poster child of Affirmative Action (he is in over his abilities).

A new national poll making headlines today shows former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson polling at 6 percent nationally. Via BuzzFeed:


Okay, so there’s that. Frankly, I think the last time I heard Gary Johnson’s name mentioned in the national media was when he plagiarized Rush Limbaugh’s witty comments about the Obama administration’s failed “shovel-ready” boondoggle during a GOP debate last year. In any case, it’s probably safe to assume he’s far from building a coalition of...