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The following words should be the LESSON to be SPREADED OUT to the Black Community: "We need today a Personal Responsibility Movement. If it had gotten started after the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, instead of turning to government for programs, blacks would be in far better shape today." Well, that is IF those spreading the message wanted to see independently successful Black people.... ...Let me be clear: the Black leaders of today want black folks depending on the Government...because that way the Black Leaders (and their White Masters) remain in power.
As History will record: Obama is a Rodeo Clown.
The movie was 'passable' ONLY because Oprah was there. Forest Whitaker also help carry the long and boring narrative. Makeup artists and the rest of the actors (excepting Jane Fonda) should be awarded the lemons of the decade: man, even High School plays do better. The ONE thing that came clear in the movie is that the Blacks portrayed here are (were?) a bunch of racists: man alive! the hatred they exuded. [I am talking about the script writers, of course, the actors are like parrots, they repeat words]. The end reminded me of "El Noticiario Espanol" (NODO) with the praises to the Dear Leader (Franco, Franco, Franco!!, sic, Obama, Obama, Obama!) " el caudillo generalísimo de los ejércitos". This movie is a political 'chanchada' and is an embarrassment to the African American community and the Civil Rights Leaders of the past.
I love these 'Popes'....they say the stupidest things! LOL Christianity recommends that we practice 7 corporal works of Mercy •To feed the hungry; •To give drink to the thirsty; •To clothe the naked; •To shelter the homeless; •To visit the sick; •To ransom the captive; •To bury the dead. Christianity does NOT endorse Statism or a Big Government in control: thus, it does NOT endorse ObamaCare. More importantly, Christianity MANDATES us to protect the LIFE of ALL individuals: Christians can't support abortion...hence Christians can't support ObamaCare,
Pathetic... there are hungry people in America. But, well it is less than the 10 million tab Michelle O. made us foot ... Lets lighten things up... copy paste the following link...and enjoy http://youtu.be/MYcqToQzzGY
From his lips to God's ears! Let them bring ObamaCare to the front and center. WE still remember HOW that train wreck was passed AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Pelosi, Obama and Reid lied, bribed, terrorized, threatened, cajoled, intimidated and beat into submission honest Democrats who did not agree with the messy thing. More than 70% of American were against it. The opposition crossed political parties, Even the People from the BLUEST Sate of Massachusetts elected SCOTT BROWN to the seat of TED KENNEDY with a mandate to KILL THE BILL. That -my friends- was the new Democrats true face: the face of partisan extremists, TYRANTS, who did force on Democrats, Republicans and Independents an agenda supporting Big Government in Control.
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Cruz: The Mainstream Media Loves Hillary

DrEdu Wrote: Aug 11, 2013 6:14 PM
The Media does not love Hillary. The Media works for the Democrat Party. They have been doing that for decades. Remember when the Media gave Florida to Al Gore before the polls were closed. Remember Dan Rather and the 'memo' More recently, George Soros and the big shakers have paid the Media to blatantly support the Democrats. They are not even FOR WOMEN, they were paid to destroy Governor Palin. Flash News to the Repubs: FIND A WAY TO BYPASS THE MEDIA.
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Pope Francis’ Simple Act of Kindness

DrEdu Wrote: Aug 11, 2013 8:18 AM
Here is a man who touches the threads we Human have in common: the undeniable wish to do good and avoid evil, the need to help the poor, to defend the weak. This man is allowing his deeds show what the Church had been teaching. I love his strong stance in defense of the poor, the defenseless and the weakest among us: the babies in the womb.
The problem here is one of ignorance, not one of malice. Wendy Davis is probably a well-intentioned woman. Her beauty and her curriculum vitae make her a live version of "Legally Blonde", tho she has demonstrated to the World she lacks the smarts and the heart Elle Woods had (Elle had compassion for dogs and puppies...cruelty was not among Elle's defects...so one would think Elle would not support stabbing a baby on the neck). This is not Wendy’s fault: Wendy inherited a mess that was created by the SCOTUS and its stupidity in upholding abortion as a right, while simultaneously affirming that the SCOTUS couldn't answer the important question of when life begins. They say Lawyers and Philosophers would always find a reason why to argue about anything. We Scientists do not do that. We give the World the FACTS that are needed (after making sure they are FACTS, not opinions). Lawyers present the World with sound legislation such as Dred Scott decision. Ms. Davis should profit from supplemental education. This is what Science teaches all over the World: 1.- The life of the new individual begins at fertilization. 2.- That individual is a distinct individual. It has a gender and S/he is not his or her Mother. 3.- From implantation onwards (the onset of pregnancy), the Human embryo is and always will be the same individual. 4.- The Human embryo is not a blob of cells developing into a Human, rather S/he is a Human individual undergoing development. 5.- Being more or less developed does not make us more or less human, just more or less developed. 6.- Development is a continuous process: it starts at fertilization and ends with the death of the individual. We do not come from an embryo, a fetus, or a newborn: we were an embryo, a fetus, or a newborn. 7.- A developmental feature does not define who is Human. Science has never said that the Embryo or Fetus is less Human than any other individual alive. NOT A SINGLE TEXTBOOK OF MEDICINE STATES THAT THE EMBRYO IS NOT A HUMAN BEING. I am absolutely sure that once Wendy Davis realizes that every abortion is not just the termination of a pregnancy, but the killing of an innocent individual, she will fight not only against the barbaric practice of Partial Birth Abortion, but against abortion on demand. I have hope that Wendy Davies is not a monster willfully supporting the killing of innocent Human just because they are inconvenient or produce pain.
Those who result to demeaning people with an opposite view are by definition weak people, lacking of any valid argument. Why do you wish to define yourself as such?
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