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Soros gave it to him, AH, and Soros has 5000 times the dough Romeny has. What Romney has is chump change up against the guy who put the Golden Monkey in the White House.
Benson's idea of McRomney fighting back is Obama kicks McRomney in the teeth with his steel-toed boots, and Romney get up and explains to da homies who are cheering Obama on to finish him off with a baseball bat to the brain that he (Romney) rescused the factory that made those steel-toed boots!
This is EXACTLY why they nominated the wrong guy! Bain is a huge problem, not because Romney did anything wrong but because he will not fight back like Gingrich would have by outlining ALL of Der Furher's crony capitalism deals with Solyndra, GE, GM and all the rest. Romney reminds me so much of McCain that it's scary. He is simply unwilling to deck this little affirmative action Nazi.
The fact that the bully story was manufactured crap is not the point. The POINT is they run with a fake story like this to do a hatchet job on Romney but cavalierly ignored Obama's alcoholism, coke snorting, election rigging, having “friends” who were terrorists and accessories to murder and on and on and on! It would be as if they totally ignored a president who got fellated by a girl young enough to be his grand daughter, perjured himself in front of a grand jury about it , and then made him a national hero and ruined the good reputation of the prosecutor and dozens of other women he raped or molested in the process Wait, they DID do that, too!
Watch the desperate little socialist street urchins jump all over two obvious typos.
Anne 1, if anyone needs to be kicked off FOX, it's that totally brain dead moron, Jaun Williams. I could understand if the guy actually had more than three neurons firing up there, but the jerk is dumber than camel dung. He is totally bereft of gratitude to FOX, for anything, and is totally incapable of following and responding intelligently to the clearest of statements - or comprehending the simplest of arguments. After NPR fired him, he literally no prospects, but now he's in the big bucks with FOX when he should be selling shoelaces on some street corner. Conservatives ARE stuoid, and this is the proof!
When the smoke clears most of the MSM should be lined up, blindfolfed and s****.
Katie, when you get to MSNBC, give us a report om Rachel Mad Dyke.
Wouold the MSM ever publish an article about Obama having sex with a man? Wait, he already is doing that.
Translation: When anyone challenges our lies and false premises, they're right wing extremists. However, there is no such thing as a left wing extremist because the MSM says so and we contronl them.
Moochelle calling anyone fat is like Clinton calling someone an adulterer.
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