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Not to mention infinitely more competent.
Or start his own show, The Bath House Gang!"
If Obama's father were white, Obama would be living in a crack house cooking up some meth.
Evidently, if you're a Nazi sports fan, you love Der Fuhrer, Prebmint Corpse Man!
...threw five republicans
Earl. there's a damn good reason they call us The Stupid Party, and McRomney, Boehner and McConnel are right at the top of the list. We three five republicans under the bus that could have made mince meat of Obama and instead nominated Ward Cleaver.
Boehner thought he was elected to wear $300 suits, $90 ties and to subsidize DCs tanning salons. "What, you mean I an supposed to take on criminals in Obama's administration?"
If Boehner manned up the way he tanned up. Holder would have been long gone. What a typical useless republican. The only people they go after are other republicans for 40 year old speeding tickets in order to ingratiate themselves with their political enemies, who then take their heads off in thanks..
Jerry, you don't actually think Romney was a good choice, do you? The Stupid Party, once agains, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by nominasting this total wuss. I take it back. Romney is only a wuss with democrats. With republicans he's Atilla the Hun on steroids. IOW, a clone of McCain.
Soros gave it to him, AH, and Soros has 5000 times the dough Romeny has. What Romney has is chump change up against the guy who put the Golden Monkey in the White House.
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