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Look it up yourself. Hispanics voted in numbers for Bush, and enlisted in numbers to serve Bush in both Gulf wars. They only ditched the GOP AFTER all the hate speech about illegals and Mexico generated by talk radio. And AFTER harassing of legal Hispanics by so-called Militia men; unauthorized by any arm of law enforcement or state authority. They saw it as nothing but RACIST hatred. Understandably.
I didn't KNOW you predict the future infallibly. Welfare cases will be ineligible for amnesty, Dy. Needy is what those folks already ARE. You can see the videos now. You're at a loss for any pretext; as long as it blocks amnesty. That shows how concerned you are about the "needy."
Jose laughs at the truth? You apply for amnesty. You have to be working. You aren't in a gang. You don't do drugs. BUT, they see you have a felony record. That disqualifies your application for amnesty. On that application form is your address. Immigration agents check it out. IF you haven't skipped town, they arrest you. They deport you. Go ahead; laugh!
Furthermore, CLOWN: Nobody enters illegally to CASH IN on your home! Get REAL!
Here's afact: Most illegal entry is never SEEN by the Border agents. Illegals enter at the gates; in cars and vans. They have false ID's. They speak English passably. And others enter over the southern beaches at Coronado, etc. The estimates can't include everybody who slips in. But we apprehend a large number.
No trouble, Dyhard. " Border Patrol, by their own estimate, only apprehends 1/4 to1/3 etc.," ESTIMATE, Dy. Not the actual numbers. I can estimate you to be a fat lard-@ss weighing 412 lbs. So don't quote "estimates."
If sirdec gets his way, of course. And that means NO answer period; to the illegal immigrant problem. In fact it has to get worse, without legal amnesty.
The truth is, Rockman, Hispanics are against Republicans for ONE reason: The GOP has been perceived as RACIST-oriented over the past four or five elections in the eyes of Spanish-speaking voters. It was caused by the hate rhetoric exposing Republican feelings about Mexico and its immigrants in the US. This hate was expressed by real racists on our far-right Fringe. It found its way to all talk radio shows. Hispanics didn't appreciate how illegals were being depicted as scum, cockroaches, ignorant criminals EVERY DAY by Rush, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Melanye Morgan, Lee Rogers and various other Mexico bashers. THAT'S why they voted for Obama. They really...
I should hope, sirdec. those illegals won't even apply. That's why I estimate only 9 to 10 million are in line for an amnesty application. Out of at least 12 millions. It's going to be hard to qualify. And once they have your application, they'll find and deport you if you fail. This is a well-thought out plan. Rubio will get it accomplished, don't worry.
Oh, SURE. We need you fighting against amnesty, Jose. You are a Titanic ship of state!
Dear straight arrow sirdec, How are ewe going to implement these strict rules? Mass hypnosis? Or do you own this country?
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