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We are NOT RACISTS like YOU, Loathesome Sad Sack.
We will fortify our southern border; that's not a problem. But we need a Republican elected POTUS in 2016; and for that to happen, we must draw a large share of Latino- American legal voters into the GOP. we'll do that by passing the amnesty bill and telling every Spanish-speaking legal voter the Republican party is NOT White Only, racist driven and anti-Mexican. The way racists on our far right Fringe are trying to keep it. (Loathesome racist.) Amnesty for the 11 million illegals now established all over our country! They'll form part of the Republican Party in a matter of three years!
PLEASE! You mustn't even insinuate we've had racists posting here! Not RACISTS!!!
Are you insinuating Barb knows nothing about transactional sex, DB? WHAT?
I'm saying what's on my mind. Often in reaction to what you're trying unsuccessfully to work out. If you don't like my posts, go pissup a rope. I put up with your foolishness; put up with mine too.
You talk racist lingo, don't you, Irresponsible? Are you proud of that?
Beg pardon, Dy? I hope we've since learned; that unless we bring more legal Hispanics on the GOP registered rolls going into the next election; we'll help the Democrats to a new White House term. Every new Spanish-speaking VOTER we register, we'll take away from the Democrat Party. And for that we must have AMNESTY!
"Illegals are getting everything now that they will be eligible for after the passage of this bill, even earned income tax checks from IRS," That's because they EARNED an income, Phillup. Didn't you get an IRS return for your earned income?
Relax, Dydadd; I told you; their own estimates are merely guessing. I mean the Border Patrol; your own source. Are you disappointed? Get another estimate.
I hate polls. Respect the figures AFTER the bill passes. No appeals allowed, Fringe. PASSED, You'll get the news.
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