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Will 2013 Be the Year We Slow the Moral Decline?

Dreadnaught011 Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 2:51 PM
You're of unsound mind if you place a human institution above God. You've never known oppression. God has NOT justified persecution of anybody. Homosexuals are seen as sick in Uganda and other countries. They are in fact sick, and spread sickness. There's nothing Amnesty or any program in the world can do to relieve homosexuals of their guilt. Your illness is just another incidence of your shameful practice. We call it sodomy.

With dark shadows of uncertainty descending upon the hearts of so many at the conclusion of 2012, one can only hope 2013 will be a year of promise. But even in these dark days, miracles do still happen, especially when people are willing to roll up their sleeves for the cause of freedom.

This present darkness has its roots in our nation's moral decline, and the further we get from our moral center, the worse off we are as a people -- and a nation. It has taken some time to get where we are today. Over the years, conservatives have...