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Outling the Importance of Giving Our Troops the Best Equipment

Dread Wrote: May 02, 2012 1:54 PM
Yes, there are no inefficiencies, wasteful spending, or boondoggle weapons systems at all in the Defense budget that could be cut to meet those goals. Any and every dollar we cut from the Defense budget will be taken by giving soldiers substandard flak jackets, rifles, and ammunition. Conservatives: convinced the government is just chock-ful of wasted spending, unless the bureaucrats in charge happen to be wearing a lot of stars on their shoulders.

The Heritage Foundation has launched a three part video series focused on the importance of providing our military with the best equipment possible in a time when Congress and President Obama are targeting the military for budget cuts, rather than out of control entitlement programs. The first video features Col. Kerry Kachejian who relied on unarmored SUVs to make his way around Iraq while working with and helping civilians. His travels were extremely dangerous and were conducted at the height of the violent insurgency.