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"Open Minded"? Liberals Prefer to Ignore Arguments They Disagree With

Dread Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 1:38 PM
"Conservitism is focused on conserving Constitutionally guaranteed liberties so you can live any way you want. Leftist are devoted to subverting the Constitution and forcing people to live as they see fit."' And right there you've completely dismissed the entire idea that others will read the constitution differently than you. No, they must be trying to 'subvert' the constitution. Bottom line, I don't particularly see the point in arguing politics in that environment because I very much doubt I could ever change your mind regardless of the arguments I present because you've already cast me as a traitor to the constitution.
New research out notes that self-identified liberals are indeed more liberal - with the ignore and block buttons on social media platforms when it comes to arguments they disagree with.

As Zeke Miller finds in ORI's presentation, "liberals were significantly more likely to have blocked someone than conservatives," and specifically, they block people "because of their political views."

An old adage is that while conservatives think liberals are wrong, liberals think conservatives are evil. This has been proven true time and time again - liberals prefer to pretend like there's some...

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