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It ain't the media. Politicians have done their level best to gin up their tough on crime status by passing all sorts of bad laws, and your bestie the NRA regularly paints America as a dystopian nightmare where you need a few dozen AR-15s to fend off the criminal hordes just waiting for you to let down your guard so they can invade your home and kill your family.
I've given you facts. If you like I'll give you a list of cross-references detailing Christ's opinion on the religious vs. the ones you care to post on Christ condemning sinners.
Right. So I wasn't saying that the love of Christ is absent from this discussion in an admittedly sarcastic way, I was insulting Jesus. Great.
The harshest words of Christ were reserved for the religious men who saw themselves as better than their fellow man and condemned sinners.
1. Can't. He is now constitutionally ineligible to run again. 2. Maybe. Depends greatly on who the GOP puts up against her. Put up a Republican like Teddy Roosevelt and I'd cast a ballot for him. 3. Probably not. It should be replaced with a single payer system. 4. As long as GDP grows, budget growth is not a problem. We should be more concerned with cutting down on waste, fraud, cost overruns, and unnecessary programs and projects than about a fetish over the sheer number of the budget. 5. Probably not, but there are solutions other than government to mitigate the number of abortions being performed. Grassroots organizations, families, and churches are the key. 6. I'd disagree, but even still, so what?
There's that love of Christ we all know and love.
Beowulf, no, it didn’t. There were no criminal convictions of rape, murder, or financial fraud. Docforesight, see above to Beowulf: The only thing the GOP managed to get him on after years and millions of dollars was perjury about an unrelated sexual affair. Gatorbait, I was unemployed for three months 11 years ago during which I collected unemployment insurance. God has provided food, a job, and shelter ever since. So kindly stop talking about what you know nothing about. DocForesight, Americans have been killed pretty often overseas by Muslim terrorists. The motivations vary, but most (if not all) are political or inspired by US policies and actions in their nations (regardless of the justifiability of those actions.) I don’t find it particularly compelling to hold endless investigations to find out why the White House took longer than was acceptable to TownHall to call it a terrorist attack.
(2) Well, if one guy says it, it must totally be true. Let’s see what proof he has other than his opinion. (3) Let’s see their evidence. Given the administration’s general hostility to any whistleblower, it’s plausible enough to look at what they’ve got to prove it. But I have my doubts mostly because other real whistleblowers have actually gone to jail and their lives ruined, while thus far the ‘intimidation’ seems pretty non-existent in comparison. (4) Possibly because the CIA and the military have reached a dead end in trying to find these guys. (5) I’ve read that the Secretary’s signature appears on every official cable sent via the State Department. Perhaps you can explain why this is different in more detail?
(1) So Congress is investigating as to why a White House spokesperson said the attack happened because some Muslims were angry about a movie instead of some Muslims being angry about us bombing the hell out of various countries they happen to live in, incidentally killing some of their women and children? Well that seems reasonable.
No one said companies shouldn't make profits. But if you're making record profits at the expense of your employees and your community, then yes, I'm sorry, but that is immoral.
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