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5 Reasons Independents Should Choose Mitt Romney Over Barack Obama

Dr Dennis Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 8:26 AM
John, I am as conservative and i doubt you are. Mitt Romneys record as a Governor is eons better than Ronald Reagans. I am still scratching my head how you even get to get anything published. I could list many of the ideas and voting records of Newt Gingrich and show how he is very big government. The same with Rick Perry. At the same time I can show you 844 vetoes which is the same as a vote, made by Mitt Romney. All conservative. He downsized Government, balanced a budget and took a liberal state with a liberal legislature from 50th in unemployment to 11th. How do you miss that unless you are having your own agenda? He is for drilling in America. He is against federal mandatesd for healthcare and always has been.
Topeka Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 11:20 AM
Dr Dennis,

where are you getting your "facts" - the campaign? And even the Lib-tards don't think he was all that conservative: Try the Boston Globe below. If the Lib-tards "get it" why not you?

also, do you know how to read? John is supporting governor Romney in this column by trying to reach out to the anti-conservative dipsticks.

and btw, Romney imposed healthcare mandates driving several religious institutions out of business, very 1st A.

There are fourteen days left until the election and the few people who haven't made up their minds yet are independent voters. So, rather than preaching to the choir, it seems like a good time to explain to those remaining undecided voters why Mitt Romney should be their choice.

1) Mitt is from a blue state and understands how to work with the other party: Mitt Romney spent four years as governor of Massachusetts, which is one of the bluest blue states. In fact, as Romney has noted many times, his legislature was 87% Democrats and yet, he still...