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The Starsky and Hutch President

Dr dbiggs Wrote: May 13, 2012 7:48 PM
Both parents not citizens at time of birth = not "natural born". President Obozo's father was in Hawaii on loan from the Kenyan National Zoo"s Gorilla exhibit when he impregnated Obozo's mother. Are you always this brilliant or did I just catch you on a good one today?

Truth001 wrote: Way to rally the troops Ransom. Blame SSDI for the lower unemployment numbers! That is stretch even for you John. You don't mention that many baby boomers are starting to retire. SSDI is nothing but a slam at many good people who have had to resort to this program. That does not mean there isn't some fraud. There are always a few that make it bad for the many.- Unemployment Explained: Obama's Disability Scammers

Dear Comrade Pravda,

At issue here, as we wrote originally, is that SSDI enrollments have gone up while the number of people in the...