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Don't be stingy. Give 'em Detroit and East St. Louis too.
Then why are you libtards against voter ID?. Could it be because voter fraud is overwhelmingly commited by lis?
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Early Tea Leaves?

DrawTheLine Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 2:53 PM
Agree with you to a point. More can get accomplished with all horses pulling in the same direction. But if the stage coach is headed for a cliff, I would hope some of those horses put the brakes on.
Never considered that. Good point. But that doesn"t makenit right.
Good post. I agree. Leaves a lot of questions, doesn't it?
What is ironic is the naacp has done more to damage its credibility than any racist regime could have by these actions. They truly are not too bright.
If the naacp approves of this behavior or supports it, it by default has declared itself an enemy of our country and shouuld be dealt with as such.
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