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Sirhan was a palestinian, but I know what you mean.
But that is based on dnr data. Not on personal protection.
Thats an oxymoron. A non -sequitor.
Funny.nsomeone once told her : In the pasture of life, one is bound to step in some truth. Ever since she has stuck to sidewalks.
I hope they aren't swimming upstream to spawn.......
She probably is trying to confuse people. She is also probably confused herself. We in effect get "out-stupided" by her. As opposed to outsmarted. We are simply no good at playing the idiot game..,I know that makes little sense, but neither does the senator.
It would help if the LSM would put her on the spot, but we all know that's not going to happen.
Enormous ego. Plus the liberal mindset knows no shame. That's the best I can do. Sorry.
Or preventing the mentally incompetent from accessing anweapon.
Most likely he will then want to ban shotguns. Lets be honest, it's a slippery slope that the libtards know how to exploit all to well.
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