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Most Americans, and Cuban exiles prefer to view it as 50 years of not aiding or rewarding a tyrannical dictatorship. Liberals however are wetting their pants they are so overjoyed.
As long as bho is president, those are wise words.
If they used one against us or our allies, it would be a justifiable response. The problem is the north koreans are not afraid of president mommy jeans, which only increases the risks they are willing to take. Bho has made the world a much more dangerous place.
The tyranny by the minority over the majority. Welcome to liberal land....
Powerful words. Well done.
Perhaps the Christians are offended by the fact that they must take their display down every night, while the Satanists do not.
And the silence was deafening, for the most part, from the ones in the United States.
Sony's cancellation to launch the movie on its intended date could be just a combination of concern and a marketing ploy. They know they can always reverse their decision and take advantage of the increased number of potential movie fans who are curious about all the controversy.
He's never been there Comp. And he be crying for his mama wishing he was back in her basement after spending a week there. Murderer is a troll and a fraud.
The likes of you have been to Cuba "several" times. Sure. Your not a very bright troll if you think anyone believes what you say. The party of your messiah got pounded last month. Maybe that's why you're so bitter.
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