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Another Ebola Risk: It Eats Logic

Drawer22 Wrote: Oct 12, 2014 3:24 AM
Mark Davis - "Well, apparently they are teaching mind-reading in the Special Forces." Really? Are you sure telepathy and prescience weren't taught at the high school he attended, just so you could demean the education of all who graduated from there? Your uncalled-for sarcasm reflects a disdain for all of us who have earned a full flash on our fuzzy, green covers. Just for the record, and so there is no mistake, mind-reading is not taught in Special Forces, either in qualification or when assigned a unit. (Having what amounts to it, however, counts for much in the field when engaging an armed opponent.) While I'm not particularly thin-skinned - and I disagree with Steven Bucci’s statements, both quoted and interpreted by you - I believe an apology to all qualified and experienced Special Forces personnel, past and present, would be appropriate. I leave it to you to determine the bounds of courtesy, discourtesy, and downright insult. De Oppresso Liber
@jimbo999 - "This is the captain of the mother ship. This is not a drill! Island overboard! Man your stations." De Oppresso Liber
@motleyblogger - Please refrain from blatantly insulting rocks and bricks. Cogito, ergo armatus sum.
@DH58 - Thank you for your sympathy. Those of us in Washington state who are NOT represented by the likes of Patty need more than sympathy, however. We need a miracle to convince the low-information idiots that Patty doesn't represent their interests either! De Oppresso Liber
The intelligent constituents in the State of Washington suffer the burden of people throughout our once great nation thinking we actually elected US Senator Patty. Nothing could possibly be further from the truth! Intelligent constituents most definitely did NOT elect that near-useless communist wannabe! De Oppresso Liber
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