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Let the pot smoke clear fromn your basement bedroom. Scarf down a bag of white castle. Sleep it off. You will probably not believe you actually wrote that post when you wake up. If you remember it at all.....
He doesn't take drugs. Kool - ade is his poison.
Lowass thinks a victim of voter fraud should have a gun fired into the ground by his head but miss the ground and hit his head? Lowass condones murder? There's a suprise...
It sure sounds like you are dismissing fraud. And you assume your statement that fraud is not the reason West lost is fact, which you cannot possibley know. So yeah, you're blowing off the fraud angle.
Having trouble understanding the topic?
To a lib, your words are incomprehensibly encoded. All they see is?! /@_-:,?!!!.
Your eagerness to ignore voter fraud speaks volumes to your lack of character. Liberal or conservative, it should notnbe tolerated and dealt with harshly, Komrad.
The fact that there was voter fraud means that a fair electin was not had. Period.the process should be allowed to run its course.
Good one west tex. First good laugh I've had today.
And you knownthis as fact how karnack????
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