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He's Still the Biggest Celebrity in the World

Dramamama Wrote: Jun 10, 2012 8:00 PM
Tell ya what....let's let Barry and Moochie be celebs beginning in November! They can party and hang out all they want and who will care!??? Only those he hangs with! We Americans will gladly allow him to be a celebrity! NO BAMA 2012!!!

It seems like every week, we're inundated with Obama-hanging-out-with-celebrities stories. So much so, that I'd kind of lost track until I stumbled across this video from Politico which details Obama's top 5 celebrity fundraisers.

Yeah, yeah, I understand that Romney has some celebrity supporters, too. But it all begs the question: do you really want Hollywood choosing your next president?

I will add this note: I don't think that being a celebrity automatically disqualifies you from having an opinion in American politics. If you're a citizen, this affects you. But I am not quite sure...