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I seriously doubt you "hugged and kissed" the nurses with Ebola! One more lie to add to your treasure trove!
All those skeletons are rattling aren't they hon? Can't keep your secrets in this age of technology! Wonder what else it up with this "lady"?
No surprises from the old White House these days! Probably gonna be some psycho liberal, worse than Holder you can bet!!
Request them from a judge....if he isn't as crooked at the Gov. you will get them!
I never ever denigrate anyone who serves and will tell them so! But why do you libs constantly try to degrade the military? Why when these men and women only serve to keep us free? Why didn't you donate some time?
You are out voted FOR every single thing Obama promoted! Arkansas doesn't need scum like you!
I get the feeling YOU are gay! Never mind that, why do 2% of this nation get to highjack marriage? Most Americans are not in favor of it and many states voted in legislation to ban it. Why does the federal government have to step into what a state's voters decide? Why can't gays be happy with civil unions?
I seriously do not care how they live, have a civil union which provides them with the same benefits as marriage. But marriage is ONE woman and ONE man.
Just read a study today that only 2% of Americans are gay, transgender or otherwise. How is it that they get to highjack society for their gains? How is it that most Americans are NOT for gay marriage, but are ok with civil unions do not get a voice? Why do businesses HAVE to cater to the gay community when it is against their beliefs? Why America, why have we allowed this to happen to us? We need to take America back from these nuts!
You must be gay and want to marry your other ick!
They won't change Huck.....they are too PC! The Grand Old Party is NO more! Just as bad as the Dummycraps!
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