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We can wait till November elections when we take back the Senate....then impeach. Works for me.
I don't care for Boehner either but Obama is worse than any GOP member! Maybe if Obama invited all his Hollyweird people and Putin to a campaign party, it just might work! Worst leader in the world and the world laughs at us!
And Obama campaigns and parties!!
They could but they won't. I do not understand it either! The GOP has s much corruption among them as all the Democrats!
It will be the final nail in that liberal coffin if he does....not one Democrat would be elected anywhere! But go ahead, it would be repealed very quickly!
All those who live in these countries are corrupt and Islam is too!
Your messiah voted for this war too! Bush was 100% better than Gumby in office!
Check with Holder first, they may be in Mexico but more likely in Iran, Iraq, all of Obama's homie hangouts! Not missing, given away!
And Obama and Kerry will probably blame Israel for it! I say to Israel, bomb them until not one is left! Then dare Obama to do something!!
You speak truth! The slave owner democrats keep the welfare group voting for them by promising more free benefits!
I was "fatigued" when he was elected because I knew he was going to be a big failure! My prediction was right....only miserable failure is more appropriate!
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