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And how has YOUR education helped YOU??? Is that why you are a complete idiot who can't put two words together without screaming????
We really don't need the Hildabeast to run anything else!!! How many more American lives might be lost at her hand!! Tar and feather the beast!
Williams lied on just about everything he "reported" on but gets a suspension? How many other stories is he lying about? Who could believe one word he says and WHAT kind of message is this to kids? Oh yea it is one is watching anyway!
"Random"??? How about the 26 year old American girl who was killed by these same type of terrorists?? Random, indeed. We have a random president who would rather play golf, have muslims in the White House, and ignore our Israel ally. Hmmmm kind of stinks in Gotham doesn't it?
Funny how these abortion rights folks forget that their mothers delivered them!! My heart breaks for the little boy that might have been. I am sorry, some people need to be sterilized, she is one of them!
Obama is okay with this horror! I mean, he just scolds away! I guess time out is next!
Obama hits a new low!! He loves the muzzies.... I guess daddy dear had a large impact on his life after all. Feel sorry for his two sweet girls! Their daddy is a failure and a laughing stock around the world.
Folks, check Arkansas politics and such when Clinton was in power. How many "mystery" deaths and such went on when the Hildabeast and her scanky hubby were working and running our state. Do some digging and ask some questions.....this "woman" cannot become our next president! She is no better than Obummer.
It worked out just as our muslim president planned!!
Obama can lie and never blink. I bet even his mother/grandmother could never tell if he was lying!
Nobody is that ugly, but she does favor Holder!!
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