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Prayers for our men and women in uniform! Too bad the head of this nation, your boss doesn't support you. If there were to be a shooting (God forbid) he would call it work place violence and do nothing. Look at the guy who shot all the soldiers at Ft. Hood. He isn't worth peeing on if he were on fire! Time to take America back, starting with voting this fall and then in 2016. We need leaders who support our military! Obama isn't it!
I started to say "our president" but since I am a white, Christian, conservative...he isn't my president. He allows persecution of Christians around the world and spits on the conservatives so he obviously isn't all American's president. Ok I digress, Obama is WEAK! The world knows he will do NOTHING to stop the radicals because he agrees with them!
Idiots all!
No sir they learned we have a "do NOTHING" president, er excuse me your majesty, I mean emperor!
Only the best! Obama is the best fool we have!
Oh goody now Obama wants our soldiers exposed to ebola! What in the heck is he thinking? Of course he is liberal and a hater of our military! We have tragedy around the world with terrorists and Obama sends troops to do what in W. Africa? Die?
Sad truth about our entire nation! Obama = failure! Simple truth! And nothing you liberals can say can make it rught!
A Democrat is a Democrat.........they try to cover but I bet she slides the same way Obama does!!
He learned to lie from the best! His boss Obama is supreme at it!
Where do they find these ignorant grunts to put out in front of the media? Of course the LSM just laps up whatever comes from Obama. No questions asked about any of the real problems with the world. And if someone happens to actually ask a real question, the LSM just spins it to try and make Obama look good!!
He speaks the one in the current administration has the b@lls to fight this evil. I miss Bush, at least he took care of our enemies!
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