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Obama can lie and never blink. I bet even his mother/grandmother could never tell if he was lying!
Nobody is that ugly, but she does favor Holder!!
She is simply Holder, part 2!! The Senate should NEVER allow this woman into the office of AG! The one we have has been quite enough, as illegal as I have ever seen! Holder and Obama only enforce the laws that they like!
Bright Light??? With the dim bulb in the White House? I don't think so. NO way do most Americans believe that we should grant amnesty to these folks. Our immigration system is broken but you don't throw laws out because of it!!! Time to impeach and remove our imperial emperor from office and then allow America to see if she can come back from his reign of idiocy!
And his parents with him!
Amen! As the mother of an Airman, I support all our men and women in the military, police force and firefighters. The each and everyone will put their lives on the line for Americans! Think of where our nation would be without any one of them!
He needs a blindfold and a cigarette with a firing squad. He deserted and joined the enemy, his parents are part of it and so is Obama. Men died searching for this loser and now he has to pay with his life!!!!
Are you sure that doesn't mean Democrats or better known as Crackhead-liberals? But honestly, there are some "dumb" people in the GOP. Boehnor and several other nuts keep following along and doing Bammy's will!!!!
So? Illegal has NO voice in America!
Liberal judges can say and rule whatever they want....gays aren't normal nor will they ever be totally accepted as a "couple' by society. God sees your sin. I know we all sin but we must try to stop sinning, turn from it if you will, but when gays "marry" they spit in our Creator's face. Go ahead liberal trolls, attack my post. When you bow before a most holy God, then you will see I am right. I choose God over man's pretend view of the world.
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