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Well isn't that what liberals do??? They lie through both sides of their mouths! Slick Willy and Obama have trained her well. The Hildabeast will be the ignorant Dems choice to run in 2016.
Time for Obama to be a leader not a liberal with his nose in places it shouldn't be!! Ferguson is just a symptom of a larger problem, the black community is lost. Many do not work, do not want to work, feel entitled to a house, food and upkeep....when people have no purpose in their lives, they tend to get into trouble. These young men are killing each other at a much larger rate than any police officer shootings! And the officers are doing their jobs against an unending war of drugs, gangs and thugs. Michael Brown was a criminal whose mother left him for his grandmother to raise and mom is also a thug and a criminal! Until the black people decide to quit living up to the stereotypes, it will continue to happen. Young black men will live on the streets and die on the streets. No one's fault but their own.
Still won't sell! We read the bill, it sucks. Our premiums are going up very soon, no doctors will see us, no (good) hospital will help us. Granny will not get her hip replacement because some welfare mommy has another kid! We get it....GOP needs to defund asap and ease in something to help!
What jobs? How about American workers king Obama? GOP had better defund this illegal action by our dear emperor!
Wow that is a great ad! And every single point is true!!
You obviously are not a Christian. We do not support gay marriage although we do love the sinner! I have family who are gay, and they do not support gay marriage. I love my family but this is not right period!
Sad, "We the People" voted NOT to support gay "marriage". Why don't we count? Why is it okay for some liberal judge to change our laws? Gays seem to be the ones with all the rights and they are 10% of our population. How is that right? Sorry folks, but I do not believe your marriage will be real nor legal. And when you bring children into the mix you mess up those little minds! As a teacher I can tell you that two "mommies" or two "daddies" do not go over well at middle school. My heart breaks for them and you obviously do not care about them at all. Your lifestyle choice will never be normal. God did not intend for men to marry men or women to marry women. I love each of you as God's children but you need to look at your lifestyle choice.
Burn your neighborhoods.....YOU will still have to live there! And he businesses are gone forever. Good luck, hope you are happy. But you are too stupid to see that!
And no one will be building any businesses back to be burned again!
And stealing tvs helps the situation how??? These folks are animals. They live on the streets and die on the streets. How is this thugs death any different than the thousands of young black men who die by other black men EVERYDAY in these neighborhoods? Why do they NOT riot for our soldiers who die in foreign lands? Because they are uneducated thugs whose parents have no morals or values and fail to raise their children.
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