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It is because he would be trashed on tv! Pryor bows down to the Obama throne! We will remove his behind from office!
Yes Obama has abandoned you and your husband! But he has abandoned America. We are in the middle of WW3 and he simply wants to contain ISIS. And that sadistic idiot in Oklahoma is a terrorist but the O administration calls it "work place violence" when it fully was a terrorist attack! So I will pray for you and your husband that by God's grace he will be freed!
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Well Done, The Economist

Dramamama Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 8:30 PM
Obama serves NO ONE but himself and his leftist buddies. He is no true American!
I believe I would NOT live in DC. I personally think they were not "lost" but purposely put aside so they could put fear into legal gun owners!!!
Mrs. Gifford....My prayers were and are still with you as you recover from this most horrible crime. BUT let's be clear, people like myself who own guns for hunting and protection would NEVER shoot a innocent person. You were a victim of a crime, criminals never ever have guns legally! They will always have guns. You now have body guards to carry guns for you.....what about me? I cannot afford body guards. Get a grip lady, guns don't kill, people do
What is wrong with people these day?? I can tell you that most of this is America pulling away from God. These people are so insane and have no morals or values! Wish he would have died though, so he could meet his maker face to FACE!
And Obama and his cronies enroll them in Welfare, put the kids in our schools (with no extra money, endangering American children with diseases), and giving them the right to vote......Democrat of course!
Hell bound, lefty, liberal democrat salute! Kinda like her king saluting the Marines with his coffee cup, no respect or morals!
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Hmm: Pryor Up by Two in AR?

Dramamama Wrote: Sep 24, 2014 10:02 PM
Lie, cheat, steal....it is the Dummycrap way!
Liars! The CBS - Clinton Bias Station is nothing but lefties! Don't watch any of the alphabet networks!
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