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Obama To Go Big on Unilateral Amnesty

Dramamama Wrote: 12 hours ago (1:09 PM)
Kind of like unilateral healthcare, hun?
Time for a new king, this one is crazy!
She has lost what little mind she ever had....Putin is stomping all over Obama!
Read his lips, HE DOES NOT CARE!
She needs SOMEONE to pay for her contraception so she can make a living
CNN? Seriously? Piglosi said that "we have to pass it to find out what's in it!" How's that working for ya now idiots?
I don't see any pain from the Palestinians. They strap bombs to their children. Israel has claim to all that land they sit on, Palestine has nothing to claim! Islam is a vile "religion" that has no respect for life. Israel is trying to keep their targets away from civilians, Hamas put civilians in front of their rockets. Shoots their own then claims it was Israel. Maybe you should go to the front lines and see for yourself.
And I worry about America's borders. They are here I am sure of it but if we don't get control of our border, I see us looking just like this!
Serves France right for allowing these "peaceful" Islamists to invade and take over. Time for Islam folks to return to your roots and move back to the sandpit you came from. Satan loves it there and you are free to stay in the armpit of the world!
Learned from his master didn't he?? America, are you watching? Are you seeing what your leaders are putting first?? Not you!
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