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And you Dimocrats had full control of both Houses including the Whirpte House and did NOTHING! The only thing you did was pass the worst law ever! What idiots and they keep parading around! Mercy!
52% of Americans are ALL that pay federal taxes! All the rest of the slugs live off of them!
Well the LSM is pitiful anyway! Not surprised when "news" is completely made up!
Obama won't meet with these folks because he doesn't want to answer the questions they have. This administration is so corrupt and crooked, it is sickening!
The thing is Dirty Harry, YOU took money from them! And you democrats should wear Soros stamped on your foreheads!
NO! Time for jobs and ending this c r a p! Folks need to work to eat, simple as that! And my rant includes the slugs on welfare and disability, we have at least three perfectly capable men who draw disability around here. Mostly for "back" problems and they ride horses and drive tractors! Get over yourself!
No one (unless you are a Muslim) would vote for Hillary! She has no faith and will certainly pay for it one day!
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College Isn't For Everyone

Dramamama Wrote: Apr 06, 2014 9:08 PM
True! As a teacher I see kids who can be a success in life but need skills to become a plumber, welder, truck driver, carpenter and other jobs! Some kids will be great in college, but that doesn't guarantee a job these days! Schools, (our state) took away shop and AG classes to encourage kids to go to college and it is a nightmare! Stupid if you ask me, but they didn't ........so I encourage my students to work towards whatever! It doesn't have to college but you must train!
Because the uneducated welfare folks vote!
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