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We are hopeless......we have no one to help us! Washington is corrupt to its very core. Nothing we can do.
Obviously there is no hope for the lunacy on the left. You would think they might catch a clue, but they don't. Just can fix stupid can ya?
Why is it that liberal judges are allowed to change amendments that the people of the state voted for? I thought we had states rights. I am a voter and think it should count and NO judge should be able to throw it out. Of course we now live in Obamaland...where our king makes his own laws!!
NOT the same thing at all! There was a MAN and a WOMAN involved, still marriage. Gays cannot marry, what was wrong with civil unions? Didn't they have all the rights of a married couple? Why force us to accept this abomination?
THE one person!
And you know our government would never lie, right??
Sorry, I just see drugs as drugs. Nothing good can come from it. How can police enforce driving under the influence of pot? Gracious this nation has lost all morals and values.
Oooooooo I bet Putin is nervous now! The skinny guy on the beach in mom jeans has spoken.
Just.Shut.Up Hildabeast. You aren't helping your cause but then again, after the current emperor is through, no way can a dImocrat get elected. So go ahead, show your ignorance again!
He isn't doing anything (which is quite obvious), Ms. Jarrett is doing it all. Everyone is wondering where Obama is on all the world problems, he is sitting behind his Iranian!
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