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He learned to lie from the best! His boss Obama is supreme at it!
Where do they find these ignorant grunts to put out in front of the media? Of course the LSM just laps up whatever comes from Obama. No questions asked about any of the real problems with the world. And if someone happens to actually ask a real question, the LSM just spins it to try and make Obama look good!!
He speaks the truth.....no one in the current administration has the b@lls to fight this evil. I miss Bush, at least he took care of our enemies!
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Obama Has Declared Himself King

Dramamama Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 5:59 PM
And NO ONE does anything about it! The GOP simpers and sniffles around like whipped dogs and of course his Democratic minions who hang on his every word will do NOTHING! We the People are screwed!
I say we move ALL druggies, ALL illegals and ALL who support gay marriage to California.....Moonbeam will let you do what you want! Spend government money on pot!
Well all the American morals are being shot down anyway! I mean when you allow gays to "marry" and I say that while gagging........nothing is sacred anymore. Look to the East, the Lord is soon to return and take His family home!
You are still Moonbeam Brown!!! You have all the freaks! Keep 'em and we will promise to send all our illegals to ya too!
One more business leaving this nation because of TAXES!! I thought Obama was gonna fix it, like race problems, unemployment, job creation.....so forth and so on!! Yea, NO!
With NO money, NO room, NOT enough teachers......non English speaking children take so much!! Sickening!
Hahahahahaha....has that EVER stopped our emperor from doing what he wants? No.
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