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Well all the American morals are being shot down anyway! I mean when you allow gays to "marry" and I say that while gagging........nothing is sacred anymore. Look to the East, the Lord is soon to return and take His family home!
You are still Moonbeam Brown!!! You have all the freaks! Keep 'em and we will promise to send all our illegals to ya too!
One more business leaving this nation because of TAXES!! I thought Obama was gonna fix it, like race problems, unemployment, job creation.....so forth and so on!! Yea, NO!
With NO money, NO room, NOT enough teachers......non English speaking children take so much!! Sickening!
Hahahahahaha....has that EVER stopped our emperor from doing what he wants? No.
And you dropped bombs on this stable country. Okay, thanks for the information. We will NEVER be able to leave this armpit of the world....they are a threat to the world!
Hoping to get Israel to fire back at them! Muslims are not anyone's friend....they have no regard for human life at all. They sacrifice babies, mothers, anyone!
Because then he couldn't blame the GOP when it goes to h-ll!! And he was awful busy with ObamaCare.....that is the extent of what the Dems did when they had all the power!
Bring the Americans back, of course, but no one else!
More than ALL other presidents together! No it isn't Bush's fault or any other president's fault, it falls squarely on Obama's narrow shoulders! Thanks, my great, great grandchildren will be paying off YOUR debt!
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