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Burn your neighborhoods.....YOU will still have to live there! And he businesses are gone forever. Good luck, hope you are happy. But you are too stupid to see that!
And no one will be building any businesses back to be burned again!
And stealing tvs helps the situation how??? These folks are animals. They live on the streets and die on the streets. How is this thugs death any different than the thousands of young black men who die by other black men EVERYDAY in these neighborhoods? Why do they NOT riot for our soldiers who die in foreign lands? Because they are uneducated thugs whose parents have no morals or values and fail to raise their children.
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2016: Democrat Jim Webb Enters The Ring

Dramamama Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 7:14 PM
Who?? Sorry dude I am a conservative and the only names I know from the dummycrap party are Obama, Piglosi, Dirty Harry and the Hildabeast! You lose!
Obama is a miserable lying failure! The entire Democratic party voted FOR this nightmare! It is there fault and failure too!!
It IS impeachable but does the GOP have the b@lls to impeach??? I will hold my thoughts about this until/if they do anything. Obama is trying to be an imperial dictator, Americans do not want any of this! We do understand the process of becoming an American is a long drawn out issue, but to just say "stay and we will give you whatever you want" is wrong!
Awwwww now you've done it! Your supreme leader will not be pleased! Better watch out, he will be out for blood!
Piglosi is so stupid she didn't think anyone would look it up! Mercy that woman, and I use the term very loosely, is completely insane. Of course she is a Liberal Democrat, that is how they ALL are!
My husband and I both like this man and his views of America! He is a great man!
She's an idiot but Louisiana just keeps voting them into office! I have NO idea how Bobby Jindal got in, he is wonderful!
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