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NOT interested in doing anything is what you are Emperor Obama!
Hellooooo, open borders, no deportation of illegals, basically ignoring the southern border! Please, you know the truth!
Ahhh the troll of the TH! You my dear must have been waiting in your "apartment" in mama's basement for the new story to come up. Your gumbment check is in the mail and you can call and order your pizza on your Obamaphone! Have a nice day, the time will come when your messiah, king will be out of office and your $$$ will be cut off!
You must never ever speak about your king like this.....remember he is a part of the Chitcago mob. He has friends and you can 't fight them. IRS will be after you too! Calling our king out like that will not make him or his minions happy!
Not surprised....look who we have in the White House! Bunch of nuts, we need to put the lid back on that can of mixed nuts too!
I wouldn't spit on Obama if he was on fire!
Please, did you expect him to look at his mess? Do you expect anything to change? He is emperor and he doesn't look at trash......but now $32,000 per plate fundraiser, that is another story! He is trash and a failure and no one has a pair to call him out!
Whoops indeed! Most corrupt emperor er ah president in U.S. history!
Well, they did! More and more people depending on the gubment!
Unfortunately, the black men in this nation have no desire to actually be a father to children. Now, not all black men are like this and to be fair more and more white males are the same way. America has lost its family unit and there goes our nation.
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